Not 20 Miles in San Francisco 

This weekend I was in San Francisco for work and I was hoping to kill my 20 mile run with a haunting view of Alcatraz in my peripherals.

Unfortunately my desired for photo ops and selfies may have been my biggest enemy. 

Stopping to capture the moment is fun and breaks up a run but stopping too frequently and for too long interrupts the flow and honestly, just adds on a lot of time after a while. 

Having said that, I think it’s inportant that even being out of my element, I made my training a priority.  

Don’t use vacation or work travel as an excuse, use it as an opportunity to run in new, fabulous places! Ahead of my trip I Googled up on the best routes and knew my plan for Saturday morning.

Running San Fransisco is not as hilly as you may think if you run the coast line. I recommend starting near Chrissy Field, running over the bridge and back, and along the coast line.

Be advised there are wicked but beautiful stairs leading up to the bridge. 

Distance: 17.5

Location: San Francisco, CA

Run: 3


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