Let it go! to a Fast 5 Miles

After the past two semi-disappointing weeks, this morning I was determined to kick my butt in gear, and start this week off right.

With my ‘Running Outside’ playlist cranked up and my Nashville Rock ‘n Roll half shirt on, I hit the pavement, ready to feel the music.

I flew through my first two miles, rocking out to empowering jams ranging from 80’s to show tunes. My playlist includes such hits as:

  • Fight Song – Rachel Platten
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Miley Cyrus (Not judgement please)
  • Hold On – Wilson Phillips 
  • Corner of the Sky – Pippin

But the song that really jazzed me up this morning was Let It Go, from Disney’s award winning cartoon musical Frozen. I wish I could adequently describe the lip sync show Forest Park received this morning. Thank god the sun wasn’t up yet, because I was way into this jam, hand motions and all.

My advice from this week….rock on!  

Distance: 5 Miles

Location: Forest Park and Clayton, MO

Run: 5


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