Long Run #Fail, and I’m Okay With It

After two weekends of travel (and consecutive 17.5 mile long runs) my 20 miler was in sight.

Knowing I was heading out of town Saturday for a family trip to Nashville, I needed a plan of action.

My plan was to run 14 miles, strong, before the trip.

That plan failed.

As I finished 5 miles, my body was aching. 

I’m not talking ‘ehhhh I’m not feeling this run, so I’m going to say I’m hurt’ aching. I’m talking serious body fatigue, legs feel like tree stumps that have taken root.

I finished out 8 miles and decided to walk the remaining 3 back home.

Then the anxiety and panic set on.

 “I’m not going to be able to finish my marathon!” “All my training will have been for nothing!” #Rational

Then I decided to calm the F down, and find comfort in Google during my walk home. 

This Active.com article hit the nail on the head. My body needs more recovery. Bottom line-I’ve over worked myself, running too many consecutive long runs. 

“Once you get into the longer miles, you can alternate a longer run one weekend with a shorter run the next. This allows your body time to recover from the last effort before you hit your next building long run. Running too many long runs back to back (12, 13, 14, 15, 16…) can lead you quickly and efficiently to no man’s land where you’re fatigued and struggle to make it through the day. It’s not about the total miles. It’s about the quality of the long runs.”

I have certainly been underestimating the importance of adequate recovery.

Next weekend I will be well rested, and ready to take on my 20!

On the bright side, I saw this on my wall home.   

 Distance: 8 run, 3 walk

Location: Delmar Loop, Clayton, MO

Run: 2


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