Margs are Real #Nashville

After an amazing trail run, and a fun filled day on the lake with family, I was ready for some of Nashville’s delicious cusine, mentally and physically. I was getting pretty hungry….

Our cousins took us to a fabulous Mexican place.  

On the way I expressed my excitement by saying, “I can’t wait for a Marg!”

To which my husband and trail guide agreed, was not a word.

For the record, people call Margarittas, Margs. I asked our waitress at the Mexican place. 

  • Chelsey: 1 
  • Thirty Something Males: 0

This delicious MARG was a Blood Orange and Chili one. It was the perfect combination of sweet from the blood orange, with just a tiny bit of heat. 

The chips and guac (also an abbriviation people use) were off the chain. They also serve their chips with two different salsas: a sweet, cold one, and a spicier one served warm.  

For dinner I went with the shrimp fajitas, which were bomb. If I’m being honest, there is no photo because as soon as that sizzling skillet hit the table, half was in my stomach. DE-LICIOUS.   

Restaurant: Saint Anjeo

Location: Nashville, TN

Hunger: 4


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