Running the Taylor Swift Trail

Okay, so Taylor Swift Trail is not the actual name of where I ran Sunday, but when I heard my cousin-in-law’s husband said he physically ran into T-Swift while running a Nashville trail, I was so in. 

Being away from home AGAIN, I needed all the support and motivation to get in some miles.

This was my first time running trails. I’m not talking dirt paths here. I’m talking 70 degree angle hills of rocks, trees, stumps and roots, and VERY uneven ground.

Percy Warner Park is home to multiple paved, and trail routes, ranging in length and difficulty. From what I heard, I was about to take on 4.5 miles of hard, real life, mountain trails.

I was nervous, but also strangly amped up to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m not the most graceful creature (see falling from peach tree video).

We arrived and my heart started racing. Seeing that my guide is former military and a former triathlete, I took his description as “fun” lightly. 

 The trail was hard. Really really hard. The steep inclines weren’t the only challenge. Stabilizing myself throughout the trail, and bounding from ledge to ledge really engaged my core and activated some dormant leg muscles. 

It may have only been 4.5 miles, but the continuous switch between anaerobic and aerobic was amazingly refreshing and a killer workout. It was great going for short bursts of power going up hills and climbing, to a comfortable pace. 

Most surprisingly, I made it through the whole trail without a single fall. #MazelTovToMe

I didn’t bring my phone with me because  I’m not suicidal, so the photos are from other, named sources.

Overall, I’m pretty proud of my run there! 

A day later, I’m feeling burn. My calves and glutes are sore and super tight. 

Moral of the story, in a funk? Mix it up!

Distance: 4.5 miles

Location: Percy Warner Park Red Trail, Nashville, TN

Run: 4


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