Too Much Ice Ice Baby

Even days after my insane run on the Taylor Swift Trail, muscles were sore. 

Tuesday night I turned to my foam roller, and ice, with great results the next day. 

Note to anyone who does any type of fitness or suffers from sorr, tight muscles: Foam rollers are a god send.

Wednesday night rolled around and I decided to repeat, placing my ice packs in the same places – on both sides of my legs/hips up near my glutes, and under each Achilles. 

After the regimented 20 minutes I removed my packs and noticed my left leg felt funny. It was numb and felt like there was a piece of packing tape over my skin. 

After a few seconds of panic, my usual initial reaction, I hit “the Google” and determined I had ice pack burn.

Assuming it wasn’t that serious, I warmed the area and went to bed.

This morning, the swelling and redness was still there, but the weird packing tape feeling was gone.

Trying to keep the photos PG here as the affected area is right under the glutes.  

Any of you experience this before? Any recommendations?


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