Crab-tastic Baltimore Grub

This weekend I had the privilege of assiting a client at the Be Blogalicious conference in Baltimore. Having lived a short while in Baltimore, having a father born and raised there, having two parents who attended college there, and lastly having seen Wedding Crashers, I knew Maryland did two things: crab cakes and football.

I planned to do one of those things.

After a full day of chatting, networking and assiting with the client activation, I was huuunnnnggggggry! 

Not hungry enough to change my attitude, but could definitely use some sustinance…and a cocktail.  

Friday night for dinner we went to a Baltimore Inner Harbor staple, Rusty Scupper. 

 We were joined by blogger, recipe creator, and food photographer Adriana Martin, of @ABRecipes. She talked about her process, travel, favorite foods and even took some of the following photos!

I started with some of the freshest, most delicious Oysters I have ever had: Choptank Sweet from Maryland. They were absolutely amazing.  

For my entree, I went with a Ceasar Salad with a crag cake on top.  

 Again, insanely delicious.

I would highly recommend Rusty Scupper. It’s a bit pricey, but it is right on the water, the food is authentic and fantastic, and the staff rocks.

The waiter hand stuffed blue cheese into olives for me for my dirty martini.  

 That’s service.

Restaurant: Rusty Scupper

Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Hunger: 4


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