20 Miles of AWESOME!

Not a whole lot to talk about today….nothing major…..just finished a 20 mile run!

My first 20 miles! DID YOU HEAR ME SAY 20 MILES?!

It felt great. It was hard. Very hilly. A big mental challenge. 

Here is how I prepared mentally and physically.

I decided: No photos. No stopping except for water or to stretch. No walking.

I set mini mile goals to reach. 6. 10. 13. 17. 20!  

The past weekend I took it easy, and the week before I did low impact cardio.

It all paid off! I ran at a 9:50 pace and only stopped two times. Once to stretch, the second to buy a bottle of water.  

My legs and hips were certainly hurtin at the end, but I pushed through and rewarded myself with an ice bath, foam role session and a New York bagle, courtesy of my Sister in for the Jewish holiday.

Now, 3 weeks to taper and prep for the race!

Distance: 20 miles

Location: Forest Park to downtown St. Louis, MO

Run: 5!


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