Midwest Seafood Diet

There are many reasons I don’t LOVE living in the Midwest. Probably the most personal, is the distance to the ocean. I have a hard time fully enjoying fish and sushi when the nearest body of water is Lake of the Ozarks home to ‘Party Cove.’

Having said that, there are several restaurants that fly in fish daily, making for delicious and fresh seafood dinners.

Friday night my parents and I went out to Peacemaker, an amazing place specializing in lobster and east cost style seafood.

They get it. The vibe is shabby chic, beach house cool with a hint of that St. Louis pretentiousness.

 We started with the peel and eat shrimp.
 Fantastically fresh.

Amazing cocktail sauce, made even better with a few dashes of the Old Bay provided at every table.

For my main course I went with the Connecticut style (hot with butter, not mayo) lobstah roll and the fried green tomatoes. 

 The roll comes as it should – in a sweet butter and toasted bun. The lobster is served in big meaty chunks with a side of house made chips that are, you guessed it, DELICIOUS.

Their fried green tomatoes are the best fried tomatoes I have ever had. The tomatoes are pickled, giving them a sour punch perfectly paired with a spicy mayo. They are served piping hot, and the heat is retained in their amazing crunchy crust.

They have a good size dessert menu, but don’t get distracted. The only thing you need to order is the homemade soft serve ice cream, complete with house made chocolate shell.

A-MAZE-BALLS.  I came hungry, and left VERY happy. A very satisfying meal, where I ate a lot, but didn’t leave engorged.

Restaurant: Peacemaker
Location: St. Louis, MO
Hunger Level: 4


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