Run, Cross, Hike, ELK!

Today I was supposed to run 12 miles.

Today my husband wanted to go hiking.

Today I wanted to be with my husband, and not alone running for 2 hours. (No need to suggest we run together – we’ve tired.)

Since I’m at the taper phase, I decided to listen to my heart, and get the miles in, in a different way.

I crushed a 6 mile run around Forest park.

 Hopped in the car with my husband to hit the gym and crushed 30 minutes on the elliptical.

Then we darted home for a quick change and were off to Lone Elk Park.

We had never been before, but had heard great things about the 3.2 mile wooded hiking trail. Supposedly the forested area is filled with Elk who are not afraid of humans, and are roaming free. After running the Taylor Swift trail, I was ready to take on whatever this had in store!

It was a beautiful day, and we hiked, jogged and posed for photos along the one foot wide trail.

Be advised, the trail is not very busy so in some areas the grass and scrubs over take the trail a bit. I would recommend pants, and not the tiny running shorts I sported.

We hiked for about 2.5 miles only seeing a few squirrels, and no elk. I was getting a bit frustrated.

 Then, just as I was losing sight of my lone elk dream, we spotted one. Then another. And another! An entire gang of Elk blocked our trail. It was an amazing moment.

12021967_10106237738424059_839702324_n(1) 12048823_10106237737815279_722040923_n

Because we didn’t want to risk angering or upsetting any of the elk, especially with a baby in the group, we off road-ed for a bit and weaved our way through the woods, around the elk family, and back on the trail. 

 The hard terrain, hills and sower pace definitely gave me the time on feet I need for this week’s taper, long run.

Especially during the taper period, it’s all about time on feet, and not about your speed. Today I made the decision to shake things up – forego a full 12 mile run, and go with 6 mile run, 30 minutes/3 miles of cross training, and 3.2 miles of hiking with the hubs.

It was a great day.

Distance: 12 Total (Run, cross train, hike)
Location: Forest Park, Wellbridge Gym, Lone Elk Park
Run Level: 4


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