Reasons for Running Part 1: Ovarian Cancer

I started training for my marathon for selfish reasons–to see if I could do it, to push myself, for alone time, list goes on and on. The more and more I ran, the more and more time I had alone with my thoughts, the more I wanted, and needed something else to push me.

I wanted a reason to run, a message to spread and a cause, or two, to help.

As a female athlete – wow, 6 months ago I wouldn’t have called myself an athlete, but I think I’ve earned the title.

As a female athlete, it seemed appropriate to support women’s health causes near and dear.

Enter Part 1- Ovarian Cancer

Some friends are just friends: Someone to grab a drink with, someone to split a lunch with, laugh and cry with.

Some friends are family: Someone who is different than you, but the same, someone who pushes you, trusts you, and needs no reason to be there for you. Someone you learn from and someone who teaches you to be a better person.

Meet Kim Hartmann.

Side by side, you may never guess we would be friends. In college i had short curly hair and wore gun earrings. Kim had, and still has the most beautiful blonde hair, and wore pink—pink everything. In spite of our fashion differences, we had a lot in common, and quite frankly, just got each other – the good and the bad.

Kim- my friend, my sorority sister, my family– lost her mother this year to ovarian cancer.

Kim’s mother Martha was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in May of 2014. Through ups and down, her amazing family remained optimistic, encouraging and supportive, and Martha fought an inspirational battle. Martha passed away on April 29, 2015


While she fought an intense fight alongside her mother and family, Kim never lost her spark- remaining the ultimate ball of blonde, spunky and feisty energy.

In the midst of it all, Kim made the trip out to St. Louis to be at my wedding; to be with me and our other sorority sisters – The Lucky Family. Kim could have been spending time with her family and mother, but she brought her love and energy to my special day. I will never be able to express how much that meant to me. Lucky is an understatement.


After Martha passed away the Hartmann’s didn’t simply sit around. They channeled their love and passion for their mother and began powerfully spreading awareness of the deadly disease.

Ovarian Cancer is extremely hard to diagnose and even when caught early, like in Martha’s case, it’s still extremely deadly.

Though I will be tired and losing energy, I will have the Hartmann’s power and Martha’s memory pushing me forward every step of the 26.2 miles.

On the day of the race, I’ll be sporting blue shorts, Martha’s favorite color, and a teal ribbon for Ovarian Cancer awareness.

To learn more about Martha’s story and support the Hartmann’s in their fundraising efforts please visit Kim sister’s fundraising page.

Kim, I love you and thank you for letting me share your mother and family’s story.


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