Reasons for Running Part 2: Run for a Cure Africa #31for31

Whether directly or indirectly, cancer has touched all of us.

Family. Friends. Mentors. Children.

We are fortunate to live in a country where these men, women, and children are supported by their family, friends, communities, doctors, and organizations.

Enter Part 2 – Run for a Cure Africa #31for31

Some people have passion, and some people spread passion.

Meet Chidozie ‘Duby’ Chukumah. My husband’s best friend and best man.


Duby is one of those people who can make anyone smile. More impressive than that, he has an amazing ability to inspire passion in others and inspired me to run for another cause.

Duby is from Nigeria and most of his family still lives there. One misty Wednesday, quite literally in the middle of a run, he introduced me to his cousin Ebele.

After supporting her mother through a battle with breast cancer, and losing an aunt to colon cancer, Ebele decided to do more than just write a donation check to a cancer organization.

She formed Run for a Cure Africa with the mission of spreading awareness and support for breast cancer awareness in Africa. What I found so inspiring and unique about the mission of Run for a Cure Africa was not the desire to just raise money, but really raise awareness and acceptance in Africa.

Run For a Cure Africa seeks to dispel myths and stigmas associated with breast cancer, a large issue in Africa, but not something we think of in the U.S.

According to a study conducted by doctors Adesunkanmi, Lawal, Adelusola, and Durosimi (2005), a majority of their patients in the southern region of Nigeria do not come for treatment until their cancer has reached the advanced stages (stage 3 and 4).

Late stage breast cancer detection in Nigeria and all of Africa is attributed to the negative social stigma of the disease in society, lack of awareness in developing countries, and access to health services (World Health Organization, 2011)


This year to spread awareness Run for a Cure Africa is hosting the #31for31 Challenge and I’m joining in! In the month of October they are challenging people to complete 31 km (19.26 Miles) of activity during the 31 days.

You can join the challenge by registering here and using #31for31. They also have a challenge on Map My Fitness!

During my marathon, in addition to teal and blue I will be starting the race in a Run for a Cure Africa shirt.

Though I’ll be knocking out the 31 km in one day during my marathon, I plan to keep up the fitness challenge throughout the month. Join me in the #31for31 challenge!

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