Tackling Taper

In all of the training, the long runs, the speed training, the early morning runs after late nights, the scariest part has been the taper. Leading up to the race TOMORROW, only running 3 or 4 miles has been a mental trip. Am I really going to bready to run 26.2 miles having run so little this week?  

I’ve had to embrace the taper. Mentally talk myself off of the treadmill– to rest. I’ve rolled my legs out. I’ve stretched. Now I’m ready to carb load 😉  (I only had half of one…)

I have had a mix of feedback regarding my meal planning for the week. Carb load all week. Carb load the night before. Ultimately I have chosen to eat normally the week before with a larger carb intake the two days before. LOTS OF WATER.

At this point, all I can do is trust my training and hope for the best! See you on raceday!


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