Finishing my First Marathon

As I lay on the couch. My legs throbbing. My hips aching. I’m thinking to myself was it worth it?

The missed nights out?

The times I was late because of my long runs?

The money spent on gear, clothes and VIP registration?

Was it worth the 4 hours and 33 minutes of running on a cold, crisp fall Sunday?


Every step. Every ache. Every cheer.

It was worth it all, and I can’t wait to do it again.

I hope I did Run for a Cure Africa, #31For31 proud.

I hope I made the Kim and the Hartmann‘s proud and did Martha justice. 

Full recap coming when I can think clearly.

For now, I will just bask in the self pride.

Once a marathoner, always a marathoner.

Today changed me. For good.


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