Not Your Grandma’s Chopped Liver

Today I was in Chicago for work and went to a local and nationally known restaurant Au Cheval

They may be known for their burger, but another menu item caught my eye.

Chopped Chicken Liver, Salted Butter & Toast.

My heart was slowing down just thinking about eating liver BUT it just sounded so good, so I went with my gut, and boy was I glad I did! #JewFood for the win.

The creamy chopped liver is mixed with a light dill cream sauce and is served with a soft salted butter spread and thick cut Texas toast. The plate was also served with a handful of cornichons.

The soft bread, the decadent liver and crunchy mini pickle was an out of this world combo. I would say “Nom” but that doesn’t do it justice.

At one point I get as though I floated above the crowded table, up to a fluffy cloud of liver heaven. 

Chicago was definitely NOT chopped liver when it comes to chopped liver. 

Grandma Roz would have been so proud.      


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