Micro Bakery – It’s a thing

St. Louis is no Seattle, but it is home to a pretty impressive coffee shop culture.

Off of a main St. Louis highway 64/40 (for-tea, not far-tea), in the middle of a series of lots filled with medical buildings, cookie cutter apartment buildings, a community college and various office buildings, sits Comit Coffee, a self proclaimed micro-bakery. 

My cynical self wanted to hate this place. Hipsters – yuck.

But my husband loved this place. Saturday morning I learned why.

The Breaking Bad coffee set up and tea presentation isn’t just for show. They have the brew literally down to a science. It is glorious.  

 I went with the Peach Tea. Talk about a moment of zen. 

 It gets way better.

Amongst the wide array of unique baked goods and treats sat a broccoli cheddar quiche, fresh out of the oven.

My husband and I eat got a piece, because I’m the worst sharer known to man. 

 It was utter perfection. Hot. Light. Fluffy. Cheesey. Do I have your attention yet?

For breakfast dessert we shared a chocolate chip muffin. Not any chocolate chip muffin – the best chocolate chip muffin I have ever had. Soft moist cake – large meltly chocolate pieces. 

Needless to say this place has become a part of me.

I can’t decided if it is a good thing or a bad thing it’s less than 5 minute from home. 



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