Safety Check: Head light

Honestly, I kind of always laughed at the people running with lights on their head. Not to mention how annoying the strobe lights are, beaming towards you at full speed from a cyclist.

But after daylight savings time, I realized how dark – how freakin dark – it really is around Forest Park in the morning.

Now part of my usual run is through Washington University’s campus, and it’s filled with lights and police call boxes. 

 Not every inch of every trail and city is equipped with enough lights and cameras to make an overbearing mother comfortable with their child away at school. 

So, I invested in a little head light. It clips on my hat and has two settings – on and strobe. 

I’m assuming strobe is a distress signal.

I think the light is helpful for a few reasons:

  • Lighting your path
  • Alerting drivers you are there
  • Warding off attackers

I’m not sure how much the light really helps with the last item, but in my mind, someone is far less likely to attack me if one look up from me exposes their whole face and could cause some serious flash spots. We’re talking temporary vision impairment folks.

In any event, I really like this Amphipod light. Totally worth the $15. 

Run safe friends!   


3 thoughts on “Safety Check: Head light

  1. I need a light! I run with my pooch in the morning and light comes during our run (since it’s really 20-30 minutes of running tops right now), but this winter it’ll be worse. I always thought you needed a legit headlamp… Never thought of this!!

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