Holiday Meal 101

Everyone expects to put on a few pounds around the holidays. But for the past 3 years I have managed to maintain my weight while still indulging in the delicious meals, treats and of course drinks.

Not to brag, but this lady found her skin tight wedding dress the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago.

Here are my tips for enjoying but not engorging.

1. Gobbler workout

Burn some serious calories in the morning. This year I ran 4 miles and then took an hour long toning class. It’s amazing how much more butt I kick knowing I’m earning a seriously delicious meal.

2. Drink champagne and vodka

Mixed holiday drinks have tons of sugar, juice and hidden calories.

Shots, shots, shots, shots!

3. Limit appetizers

I can not control myself around cheese and dips. One shmear, and I’m elbows deep in creamy fatty cheesy goodness. Those little nibble calories creep up on you and don’t off set how much you will have during the main course. I try and stay away unless it’s a veggie platter or caviar.  
4. One plate

Take a small portion of everything you want to try and do not go back for seconds. I repeat. Do. Not. Go. Back. For. Seconds. I promise you will be full with one plate of food filled with all the things you want to try. Plus, you want to save room for dessert.

5. Enjoy dessert/avoid peacan pie

Pecan pie is my favorite. I dream about it. It is also probably the highest calorie dessert. I recommend picking a small piece of your favorite dessert and snag a small taste of something else off of someone else’s plate.

Having said that, this year I had a teeny tiny piece of Pecan Pie.  So sue me!

Happy holiday eating!


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