The Couple Who Runs Together

The running couple. Everyone one sees them. The man and woman who run together, smile, talk, joke, look at each other longingly and all at the same pace.

I have always envied and at the same time, hated them.

Alex and I tried to run together once. Let’s just say it ended with us both arriving home from separate routes. I wanted to stay on pace, he wanted to sprint.

And then we decided to not do that again.

Until this weekend. It was beautiful outside. I hit the pavement preparing for a chilly run, with gloves, ear covers and a jacket. I quickly realized it was way warmer, finished my first mile loop and made it back to the house.

I dropped off my clothes, and picked up my husband. We agreed to stick to about a 9 minute mile. Faster than I usually run, but I was up for the challenge given our 3 mile target.

We both plugged in our ear phones, started our trackers and were off.

Miles 1 and 2 were great. We ran together. Smiled at each other. Danced to our own music once or twice. It was a blast.

Just after the start of mile 3, (mile 4 for me) my back and hips started to tighten. I’m sure a product of my faster pace. I let Alex finish the mile on his own pace back home, and I took a quick minute to stretch.

I followed Al’s path up the large hill back home and met at the finish.

High fives all around!

We may not have had riveting conversation, and we may have finished separately, but we did what worked for us.

I learned that mixing it up with a friend, or husband is a good way to push your pace a bit, and shake things up. Also, running with someone doesn’t mean you HAVE to talk to one another. Silent support counts!

I don’t think we’ll be training for any races together, but hey, ya never know!12301533_10102440752060285_2331277168761947830_n


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