A High School Reunion, FitBit Challenge

This weekend wrapped up the first week in the 3,000K challenge.

Having not booked any 2016 races yet, and having been stuck on the Dread-Mill due to weather, it wasn’t looking like a productive week.

Enter a high school classmate I haven’t talked to in about 10 years. Hi Dave!

Dave invited me to a FitBit challenge. For those of you who don’t have a Fitbit, challenges are step contests between a group of people, someone pulls together, within a certain time period.

Workweek Hustle – a challenge to get the most steps from Monday to Friday.

Dave’s Workweek Hustle group was filled with two or three names I recognized, but mostly people I had never met.

The challenge started on Monday – My gym day off.

A day of only 6,000 steps not only left me short on my 3,000K challenge, but in second to last place in the Workweek Hustle challenge.

That was it.

Tuesday morning I woke up, determined as ever, as I did each and every morning for the remainder of the challenge.

I pushed myself to get in the steps and log the runs.

The motivation resulted in my longest non-stop run since my full marathon. 6 miles at 9:17 pace. NO STOPPING!

 So did I win?

You know it!

If there is one thing I take seriously it’s a competition. Another would be theme parties, but that’s another story.

The lesson here is that motivation can come from people from across the gym, across the country and even from people who haven’t spoken to since high school. (Hi Tia and Dave!)

If you don’t have a FitBit, start a Facebook group, challenge a friend via text, or just try to beat your previous week.

Competition is fun and healthy!

You can sure as hell bet I signed on for this week’s Workweek Hustle.



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