The Stages of Long Runs (As Told by Disney GIFs)

Training for any race includes long runs. They are the best and worst part of training. The following are the stages of my long runs, as told by Disney cartoons.

The first steps are filled with excitement and anxiety. ‘I’m going to do this!’ meets ‘Can I do this?’

movie film animals disney scared

You start the run and feel the power!

disney running pocahontas colors of the wind

The first few miles fly by! ‘I can do anything!’

Far away are the memories of the dreadmill.

Disney Pixar movie film animation animated

Then you realize you’re running too fast! You’re above pace and begin to panic. You still have so much to go!

Disney scared pixar ellen degeneres dory

And then you hit a tiny wall. Your legs are moving but half of a mile, feels like 10.

frozen film disney lol reblog


Disney Pixar movie film animation animated

It’s time for some power – a gel.

film disney food mulan the lion king

And suddenly you’re back! Hydration and energy!

frozen disney kristen bell idina menzel

You glide across your path with just half left.

disney cartoons & comics beautiful run freedom

Still have halfway to go?!

disney elephant surprised homemade dumbo


disney sad crying cry alice in wonderland

You pass a running group. All smiles. Can they tell I’m dying inside?

frozen disney anna elsa let it go

Pull it together!

Walt Disney Animation Studios animation disney win running

It’s time for your pump up song!

Disney dance fun silly peter pan

Only a mile left.

black and white disney vintage excited walking

You’re almost there!

pocahontas disney excited disney blog nakoma

You make it home!

Yosub funny disney yes want

And now it’s time to rest.

disney excited feels lilo and stitch lilo



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