Trail Review: Olentangy Greenway Trail

Normally weekends out of town give me anxiety – where will I do my long run?! But visiting the in-laws is always a treat. 1. Because I love them. 2. Because of the Olentangy Trail in Columbus, Ohio.  

It’s filled with runners, walkers and bikers of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. 

People smiling, friendly waves, even high-fives! This runner’s paradise is a great place for runners of all skill levels. 

Beautiful water, areas of tree coverage, parks, playground – you’ll see it all.  

There is some construction going on so there’s a bit of a break you have to avoid, but pick the trail up at Antrim Park, and go right. You’ve got a good 9 miles. 

Today I crushed 11 miles at 9:21.  

If you are ever in Columbus, make time for a run or walk along the Olentangy. 


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