The Perfect BLT – Pickle’s Deli St. Louis

Some may say there is really no way to go wrong with a BLT. Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Bread. What could be bad.

However, the perfect BLT takes precise quantity and quality, and I found that today at Pickles Deli in St. Louis.

Pickle’s is generally known for a great sandy, and a great variety of sides and chips. Today for lunch, I expanded past my usual Famous Veggie, for the BLT.

As with all of their sandwiches, I picked my bread from an expansive list. I went with old reliable, marble rye. I also decided to add some cheddar cheese, because, duh – cheese.

The biggest issue one can have with a BLT is soggy-ness.

The thick-ish cut marble rye hugged the perfect balance of crispy, not burnt, bacon, fresh tomatoes, and crisp lettuce. The tomatoes were not too mushy, and the lettuce was not soggy.  

Another key thing with this BLT delight was the quantity of mayo. Too much – you end up with a soggy mess. Too little and you end up with a sandwich as dry as the Sahara. Pickle’s has the perfect amount of shmear.

All and all, the perfect pairing for a Friday lunch date…and any lunch for that matter. Mmmhmm bacon.


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