Running Bathroom Talk

WARNING: We’re about to get real personal.

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Family and my closest friends know I have some bathroom issues. I basically have two settings:

  1. I don’t have to go

I’ve been known to run down a street locating a bathroom, yell at restaurants that won’t let me use their bathroom, and go when I need to go – I’ll leave it at that.

21 Struggles You Face When You Share A Bathroom

Let me also clarify this goes for #1 and #2.

When I started long distance running, everyone was very concerned when and where I would go to the bathroom should an IP (Instant Poop/Pee) occur.

fail poop dog fail tv animals

Not to mention, we all know there is nothing more annoying than running and having to go. It’s all you can think about until you go!

Here are a few of my key tips for dealing with, and avoiding IPs

  1. Know your route – if you are familiar with the route you take, chances are you’re familiar with the bathroom locations – or where the heavy shrubbery is located.
  2. Plan your route – seems simple, but I can’t tell you how many times I thought running rouge was a good idea, then BOOM, IP and nowhere to go. I always know where I’m running before I hit the pavement, which means, knowing where the bathrooms are.
    • Sub-tip: Walgreens and Starbucks always have public bathrooms
  3. Avoid hot chicken – and all potentially stomach churning foods the night before a long run. I had world famous hot chicken the night before the Nashville Rock ‘n Roll and ended up waiting in line at a port-a-potty.
  4. Go to the bathroom before your run – I of all people know you can’t force it, but sitting on the toilet for a few minutes before may save you an IP situation later on.
  5. Be prepared – yes, I mean be prepared for the situation no one wants to talk about, or deal with. I always have a small wad of paper towel in my pocket or belt. Find really tall, or dense bushes and woods. Another reason I usually run super early, before it gets light out…

Now I know this may have made a lot of people uncomfortable, but for the others who have dealt with, or worry about the infamous IP – you’re welcome.

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Run free friends.

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