Event Review: Shlafly Stout and Oysterfest 2016

This weekend I attended the annual Shlafly Stout and Oyster fest. Shlafly is a local St. Louis brewery known for great flavor brews and hosting great events. 

At their biggest food & beer festival of the year, they fly in over 50,000 fresh oysters and teams of star shuckers from both coasts. 

Walking up to the building was a bit overwhelming. It was literally overflowing with people drinking and eating oysters. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think St. Louisans had a pallet for oysters, but I guess I was wrong.

The place was packed, which usually is my version of hell, but one look in side the ShuckerDome, an outdoor tent with live music and a wall legnth of shuckers, and my negative Nancy was kicked to the curb.  

 The line to get oysters snuck around the tent and outside, but the beautiful weather and folk tuney soundtrack made it a plesant wait. Alex waited in line for beer, while I waited for oysters. 

I’ll be honest. I was very skeptical of oysters sitting out all day in a tent, but the shuckers kept close eyes on those that had been out for too long, and they were churning them out so fast, you could literally grab them from the shuckers hand. 

Three varieties from each coast. We went for a dozen – one of each for each of us. 

 We went down the line, picking out our own oysters – I go for the smaller sized ones.

The end of the line offered all the usual accoutrement, which we slopped on our paper plate and headed outside.

We grabbed a parking curb and dug in. 

 Aside from one or two shells, and two rather fishy oysters, they were great. Fresh and delicious. I’ll give it to them, if you look at the speed they were shucking and the quantity , the few shelly, fishy bites were welcome casualties. Great work team! 

 After we finished our beers and oysters we ducked out, but it was certainly a place you could stand around and drink all afternoon, if that’s your thing.

The delicious oysters, fresh beer and overall feel, certainly make the crowds and lines worth it. 

Maybe it was the oysters, but today had be feeling a little more love for St. Louis. 

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