7 Stages of a Bad Run

Today I had a bad run. I’m not talking eh, a bit bad. I’m talking achy, shitty, exhausting, can’t get out of your head, contemplating throwing yourself into oncoming traffic kind of run.It happens. All runners have them .

As M.J. said, ‘you are not alone.’

Here is how one’s feelings may break down.


Sometimes you just know. You’re lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, checking the temperature, mapping out your run, thinking about how long you have, thinking about your daily plan, really thinking through anything to avoid getting into your sneaks.
lazy sleeping bubbles wake up get up


You feel it. The uncertainty sets in that you’re going to have a shitty, shitty run. Do I have to poop? Are my hips too tight? Is that a cold coming on? Cough, cough I’m sick. You run through your list of excuses – anxious to just go. But you push. You make it out the door, listening to your body tell you no every step for the next mile.
scared nervous kermit shaking kermit the frog


Why. Why did I do this. The sucky run sinks in. This hurts, that hurts. It’s too late to turn back. 3 more miles of hell.
pain power rangers do not want reactions head


WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF – You curse your choice to run. You curse your decision to even train. Should you just stop? Call a cab? Uber?
Disney Pixar disney angry pixar mad


I’ve hit this point many times. You’re on the brink of tears. You feel hopeless and defeated.
why reaction sports sad black


You have a deep feeling in the pit of your stomach. You can’t believe you stopped to stretch. You can’t believe you ran so slow. You can’t believe it was so shitty. Am I cut out for this?
sad dead upset done steve carell


The good news now, is it’s over. Those miles are logged, and you know the next one HAS to be better.
disney hope robin hood positive cheer up

The bottom line is these bad, shitty runs show us how strong we are. They teach us that sometimes mind wins over matter and matter wins over mind.



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