7 Tips for Running in the Rain

I used to scoff at people I saw running outside in the rain. ‘Oh you’re so hardcore, aren’t you the coolest,’ I’d sarcastically mumble inside my car. Now I know those people are just runners, who can’t afford to miss their run.

Last night I knew I was going to wake up to a nasty morning. No matter what, I’m running outside. There was not way I was running 7 miles on the dreadmill.

This morning I geared up, put my proverbially big girl pants on, and braced for the cold, wet rain.

The initial mile sucked. I wasn’t sure I was cut out for this – but then I passed a group of runners with these sick, creepy smiles. What the hell is their deal? And suddenly I was running with a sick creepy smile – a damn shit eating grin! They passed along a vibe that would carry me 7 miles through Forest Park at my fastest medium run pace EVER. I’M A BEAST ran through my head every step of the way. 

Below are my tips for running in the rain. Get ready to wear a shit eating grin.

Mentally Prepare

You need to commit to taking on Mother Nature. It’s not always easy and you don’t always feel invincible, but with the right attitude, you can certainly get through it.

Become a Mobile Neon Sign

We all have our semi-obnoxious neon gear (#Fabletics), and a run in the rain is the perfect time to break them out. When it’s raining, it’s darker and it’s more difficult for drivers to see you, not to mention slicker roads mean longer break times. Make yourself visible with neon, reflective gear and lights.

Don’t Over Dress, But Layer Appropriately

The more clothes you layer on, the more potential for chaffing. I go for a pair of shorts or running tights, an under layer (short sleeve or long depending on temperature), and a waterproof, insulated wind shell. Also consider a hat or headband.

Lube Up

Make sure to use an anti-chafe balm or petroleum jelly to help with chaffing. The wet conditions can make chaffing even worse. I lube up between my thighs, under my arms and on my feet to prevent blisters.

Protect Your Electronics

If you have to run with your phone, like I do, be sure to keep it safe from water damage. I keep mine in between my two sports bras (yes I wear two), under my shirt, under my jacket.  Also, lots of workout gear has inside pockets for devices, though they are not completely waterproof. You could go for a plastic Ziploc bag, or invest in a waterproof case.

Be Vigilant

Today I was a little to jacked up on a rain high and I lost focus, stepping right into a damn puddle. The same happened when I was to busy saying good morning to a very large goose. SPLASH – the other foot. Keep an eye out on your path for puddles and down branches. Stepping into a puddle isn’t the worse thing in the world, but it’s certainly frustrating and cold.

Get Out of Your Wet Clothes

After you finish your Rocky punch, get inside and get out of your wet clothes. Hop on into dry ones, or a warm shower. Great tip from Runner’s World, to help your shoes dry, remove the insoles and stuff the shoes with newspaper or paper towels.

Now get out there and say SCREW YOU MOTHER NATURE.

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