Save a dog, screw a long run

Today started like every other Saturday. Wake up to doggy kisses, lay in bed, hit the road for a long run.

17 miles. Uhhhhhh.

The first 6 miles were great. I killed the hills, was at a great pace, when suddenly I saw a woman chasing a dog from the parking lot across the trail.

I asked if she needed help and it turned out, it wasn’t her dog and she was a hair dresser who just saw it run by. I relieved her of her duties and began slowly trying to connect with the dog. He was a real asshole of a poodle. He would not stay still and I didn’t want him to run away into the street. Finally I got him to run down a small hill and cornered him between dense woods, a fence and myself.  He was not looking friendly. 

 I didn’t want to get bit so I sat and stared at him. Long story short I sat and waited for animal control/ the owner for an hour. Finally the ass hole was reunited with his owner and I was back on my merry way. 

The rain was coming down and my legs, hips and heart were aching. I decided to run a mile to my gym and do the rest indoors. 

 Who was I kidding? 10 miles on the dreadmill after that kind of morning?

I ran another mile and a half on the treadmill and then spent the remaining 85 minutes on an elliptical.

Listen, it wasn’t running, but it was better than nothing. It’s all about time on your feet and endurance.

I’m proud of myself for doing what I could and getting in those miles/hours.

The lesson is, just because you have a bad run, walk a bit, or need to finish on the eliptical, doesn’t mean your training is shot. Pick yourself up, and move on.

I just couldn’t leave that damn dog! 

But hey, I rewarded myself with this killer pastrami sandwhich from Carl’s Deli 

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