My Favorite Socks – GIVEAWAY

I never learned the importance of good socks until training for my first half marathon.

Who cares how good your shoes are if the minute your feet sweat, or you cross into longer run territory, you blister?

I have to be honest though- spending $12 on ONE pair of socks was not something I was stoked about.

I started with Feetures which guarantee no blisters, and boast awesome neon colors. They are tight fitting and thin, which I thought would be a perfect solution. They work great for short to medium runs, but the minute I hit 8 miles, I would get gnarly blisters on the arch and side of my feet.

It was hard for me to give up on Feetures but, with a little guidance from the friendly folks at True Runner, I found Balega. Try and say Balega and not smile. Baaaaleeeeeeeggggaaaaaa!

These slightly thicker socks are perfection. No blisters and very comfortable.


Balega Socks
Good socks are worth the investment.

Every person has their preference and Balega is mine.

Want to try them out?! Enter for a chance to win your own pair at my ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN PAIR!


6 thoughts on “My Favorite Socks – GIVEAWAY

  1. Balega does make a great running sock. When I started running they were the second brand that I tried and they soon became my go to sock. They perform well in all conditions but I do wish they would jump into the compression pool!

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      1. I wear them for both and actually have a pair of compression pants that I put on before bed occasionally. I’m probably a bit older than you and recover slower so I need all the help possible! Last year to celebrate my 40th I ran two marathons in a weekend and had compression socks on basically the whole time with the pants at night. Strangely enough the second race wasn’t as bad as I thought is was going to be. Give them a try, you might be surprised. I like Swiftwick and CEP but wear other brands too.

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