The decision to drop down

In the middle of peak training for my next full marathon, I was sent on a 9 day work trip, backed up to a planned vacation in San Francisio. I’m not talking a normal work trip or conference with 8 hours of work and a dinner . I’m taking 13+ hour days, lugging around a massive, irreplaceable soccer trophy, with hours upon hours on your feet. 

 Very long days and little sleep lead me to a position I did not want to be in. Insecure. 

From San Fran, to Phoenix, to Los Angeles,  all in 11 days, I did my best to stay on track, but in fell behind. It was impossible to get my 20 mile run in.  

 I also suffered some bruises and back strain from lugging around the trophy, day and night.  

 With only 2 weekends left, unclear stamina, and a slightly tweaked back, I had to make the tough decision to drop from a full marathon to a half marathon.
It’s so hard to say. 

It feels like all the long runs and training time has been wasted. 

They are not – I have to say it over and over. 

It is not my last race. I’ve learned a lot.

I’m doing the right thing for my body and mind.

So on April 30, I’ll be running the Kentucky Derby HALF marathon.

If you are training and face a hiccup in your plan – a trip, an injury, illness – do what you feel is right. There is NOTHING wrong with changing your plan.  

 Have you ever had to drop a race distance or a race entirely? How did you make the choice? Any words of wisdom?


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