Review: The Dorian, San Fran

Lots of yummy food was eaten during my two day vaca in San Fran. 

Forgetting the large peacock on the table next to me, and the feeling that I was not nearly cool enough to be there’s the food and drinks at The Dorian were FAN-FRIGGEN-TASTIC.

We had two things.

1. Coconut Lemongrass Mussels 

 These sweet, salty and UNREAL beauties made me melt. I was literally drinking the broth with a spoon. I’ll also mention that the hubs is not a fan of coconut usually, but found these mussels irresistible.

2. True Cod 


Based on the boring title, I was not planning on ordering this, but our overly excited waiter told us it was a must. Boy was he right. This fish was a sweet and sour party in my mouth. 

If you are in “SF,” as the cool kids call it, you must check this place out! 


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