Good Eats in Louisville

Here is a quick post to share a few of the top restaurants we visited while in Louisville.

  1. The Silver Dollar: Awesome atmosphere, outdoor seating, amazing menu and FANTASTIC bar. Fried pickles were off the chain. Beer Can Hen was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD. 
  2. Garage Bar: Awesome place to spend the evening grabbing a drink. We played corn hole and ping pong. Amazing outdoor space.
  3. Jack Frys: If you’re looking for a romantic evening on the fancy side, Jack Fry’s is the place for you. A Louisville establishment, the food is absolutely delicious. The restaurant books very far in advance.
  4. Proof on Main: We hit up this spot for breakfast/lunch and it did not disappoint. Rave reviews boast a great atmosphere, and unique menu through dinner. The hot chicken was BOMB. It is connected to a hotel with an art gallery filled with interesting things to look at. Also the location of one of the weirdest, coolest bathrooms I have ever used. 

Overall Louisville is a great city, with lots to do, eats, and see.  Go hungry and thirsty, leave satisfied and drunk.


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