Humidity in Houston

This weekend I traveled to Houston for work. Without a race booked, the anxiety of travel was minimized to my usual level – which is still high.

I reached out to a sorority sister who lived in Houston to meet up for dinner, and in addition to a fabulous meal, she provided me with invaluable running advice: Memorial Park and be prepared to sweat.

So Saturday morning I grabbed and Uber from my hotel and headed to Memorial Park.

Houston is hot and humid. Even at 7 :30 a.m. in May, the temp was 75. Within 5 minutes of running, I was dripping. The air is filled with moister. 

The temperature and humidity add a lot of weight to a run. Be sure to adjust your pace and listen to your body. I ran 2 miles at 9:20 and walked the third. This calculator helps you adjust your pace for the humidity. I usually add ten seconds a mile for every 5 degrees over 65. 

Memorial Park is a great 3-ish mile loop. The park was packed this Saturday morning with runners and walkers of all levels. The path is completely flat, and soft gravel/dirt. There are a lot of fields and groups practicing so there is a lot to look at.
Overall a great morning run ahead of a full day of work. 
Thanks for the recommendation Lisa!!! LML!


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