Napa Favorites

I’ve been totally slacking!

I think my post-Napa depression got the better of me. I wasn’t ready to look back on all the amazing food I ate in wine country.

Since it was a wedding weekend, there were several preplanned meals, so we wanted to make the most out of our free time. Here were my faves.


Gillwoods Cafe – Saint Helena

The pancakes were fluffy, sweet and delicious.

I had the special omlete of the day which was filled with shredded beef, cheese, and topped with avocado, sour cream and salsa. Literally all of the things that I love.


Redd – Napa Valley

A very interesting Asian fusion-ish menu. Everything we ate was amazing, flavorful and delicious. I started with a bean and artichoke soup that was just outstanding and had the Pork Buns as my entree. I’m not even kidding. I would marry those Pork Buns if I wasn’t already spoken for…and Jewish. Eating pork on vaca is one thing…

Gott’s Roadside – Napa Downtown (Also locations in Saint Helena & San Fran)

From the outside Gott’s looks like a fancy Steak ‘n Shake. Black, white and red with the retro vibe. But, this establishment offers much more than amazing burgers and milkshakes. It boasts an OUT OF THIS WORLD tuna burger as well as tuna tacos. Fries and onion rings were good, but the piece de la resistance was their take on Mexican street corn. A-mah-zing.

Bottega – Yountville

Bottega is a trendy Italian restaurant – the cuisine child of Chef Michael Chiarello. The food was delicious Italian. We ate lunch there, but it seemed to be a better fit for dinner. Although, the short rib cheeseburger I had was deeeerrrrnnnnn good.


Bouchon Bakery – Yountville

Known for its artisanal breads and traditional French desserts, Bouchon Bakery deliverers the sweets and treats of your dreams. A MUST TRY. I’M SERIOUS. YOU MUST TRY. 

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