Getting my Fleet Feet

Getting back into the training mindset has not been easy. Truth be told, after the Kentucky Derby I was a bit burnt out and thought I may be sent out to pasture.

With my commitment to The Dudes and to be a St. Jude’s Hero fundraiser, I was automatically enrolled in the Fleet Feet Marathon Training program. I was a bit skeptical to join a training group being the loaner runner that I am. But, I decided to try something new, meet some more people and run some new places.

So far…it kicks ass.

Not only have I enjoyed the two long runs, but I have met up with several people for runs during the week, making them a bit more exciting. More talking to humans, less lip syncing to show tunes. I thought I would hate running in a group – afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up, or afraid the group would somehow bring me down. So far during each group run, I have felt supported, encouraged and downright happy.

Also, each week our long runs take us to some place different. It’s so exciting to know I won’t be doing laps around Forest Park anymore – not that I don’t love that park. New scenery, new hills, new chances to see animals and take photos.In addition to the social and geographical benefits to Fleet Feet training, I’m getting a personalized training plan and reasoning behind the madness. Previously, I just took some training programs from Google images and mishmoshed them to make my own. The lead coaches have explained the reasoning behind out long run pace, speed work outs and basic runs.
FYI – I’m running in the 10:30 long run pace which made me want to strangle someone at first. I’m going for a 9:45 race pace. Tim, one of the head coaches, talked me from the ledge during our first call, explaining that the long runs will train my body to use energy appropriately and help my race endurance in the long run (pun intended).  Combine with the speed workouts, I’ll be race pace ready.
I have yet to make it to a track workout – I’ve been doing my speed work on the treadmill – but I’m hoping to head to the track with the group on Tuesday evening. Stay tuned – the last time I hit the track was doing a round-off back-tuck during a high school football game. Go Avon Falcons!

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