Review: 801 Fish

For me, fish are friends AND food. Sorry Dory. Having grown up in the north east, I can’t deny my love for seafood.

One of my biggest fears of moving to St. Louis was putting that much space between myself and an ocean. But, the restaurants here do their homework, and lots fly in fresh fish daily.

My most recent find – 801 Fish. The marine sister of 801 Chop.

Let me start by saying this. Fresh, delicious seafood comes with an appropriate price tag in the middle of the country – so don’t expect a bargain meal at 801 Fish.

It is expensive. AF.

But, it’s worth every penny…at least I think it is since my parents ended up footing the bill. Thanks mom and dad! 🙂

We were celebrating my beautiful mother’s 60th birthday.

The atmosphere is amazing. Vibrant blues and turquoise illuminate the walls and ceiling, accented by tasteful nautical furnishings.

I started with the soft shell crab special. It was dy-no-mite. Crunchy crust with juicy crab on the inside. A decadent avocado mousse covered each crispy bite .I’m drooling.
For my main course I went with the linguini and clams. A classic that never disappoints. Each salty and garlicy noodle slurp was better than the last.

The clams were fresh and soft. The linguini was fresh and al dente. Perfection.While my meal was perfect, my fathers risotto was SUPER SALTY. A faux pas that was immediately rectified when they sent over free dessert.

Honestly. I blacked out. Rich chocolate cake and light, fluffy cheese cake.

SO MUCH DELICIOUSNESS. A truly beautiful evening, with great food and great company.

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