Picking Up Speed

For the past two years I have been convinced a 10 minute mile was my pace. 

This past year I introduce regular speed workouts and I have truly seen a difference over time. TIME being the key word. One track workout did not make me Usain Bolt. 

I was intimidated by the social media runners I follow who seem to have a strict program and fancy terms like negative splits, fartlek, and tempo. But, after a few rounds I learned you don’t need any of those terms. Sure, you can pay more attention and plan, but the easiest way to get started is just pick a shorter distance and push yourself, with a little rest in between. 

For example, a lap around the track and full speed, with a minute rest. Do that for a total of 2 miles. 

I’ve seen the benefits. 

Today, while on a work trip in Florida, I crushed 5 miles under a 9 minute mile pace. 

DID YOU HEAR ME?! Under 9 minute mile! BOOYA!

Now, that doesn’t mean I’m pushing that fast on every run, but it sure does show me what I’m capable of. 

I think I let myself get comfortable at a 10 minute mile pace and sometimes you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Don’t be intimidated. Just give it a try!

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