About The Hungry Runner

Some of us were born to do certain things.

I was  born to eat delicious food. I know this.

I love the way it smells, I love the experience of eating at a restaurant but equally love that moment I open a steaming styrofoam container of take-out on my couch.


Coincidentally, I was not born with a speedy metabolism, so if I eat a Steak ‘n Shake double ‘n cheese and a strawberry shake, my pants don’t close for a good two days.

Enter working out: The only thing that keeps me from turning into Jabba The Hut.

After 15+ years of going to the gym, pulling on elliptical handles, shaking it in Zumba and scoffing at the skinny girls in sports bras, I decided it was time to really push myself.

Enter half marathon, and marathon training.

I was not born to run. Sorry Bruce.


I hate running. I get board, I get tired, and no matter how long I run, I never enter that ‘zone’ some of you runner people speak of.

Enter Running and Hungry: A blog to share my delicious food experience, and my quest to burn them away.

Contact: ChelseyRunningHungry@gmail.com

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